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How to Utilise Pinterest for Your Business

Written by Chloe Smith
08 March 15 | read

How to Utilise Pinterest for Your Business

As you are probably well aware by now Pinterest has become an amazingly popular platform to share ideas and find inspiration on. In fact, 250 million people use it worldwide.
Which is the perfect reason towards why you should be using Pinterest for your business alongside other social media platforms.

That’s 250 million potential customers, clients and business relationships waiting to happen. 

A graphic designers job is to provide a visual solution to their clients “problem”. That could be a logo, website or branding.

It is our job to visualise your expectations in a professional and effective manner.

As Pinterest is solely visual based it’s the perfect place for us to find inspiration, ask for feedback and work with clients on their projects.

On the site you can create private boards – we do this so the client can also get involved and share with us their ideas for the project. It keeps the client involved, shows how the creative process is developing and creates a collaborative feel to the whole thing – which we love!

Of course, not everyone reading this will be a graphic designer (we hope!) so here are some general tips on how to utilise Pinterest for your business regardless of what your selling or providing.

Create An Official Business Page

Of course, this would be the most obvious first step. Pinterest has a business page option, so take advantage of it!

It works exactly like a normal Pinterest page but you can measure the analytics such as unique users, re-pins, visits to sites and etc.

Don’t Just Use It To Promote Yourself

Yes, people want to know about your product/service but don’t be rigid with content. Engage with brands/boards that you like and find inspiration from.

Build a community with your audience where you share and create.

Be well Organised

Pretty self-explanatory but worth repeating. Make sure you organize content carefully so it’s easy to navigate but also easy for people to understand what you’re about.

Just think of it as another extension of branding.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Show the audience that you are the experts in your field. Tutorials, insider knowledge, stats and facts all presented in a fun and easy to digest way will help your ease your potential customers minds.

Go behind the scenes

Give your audience and potential customers an exclusive look at how things are run behind the scenes. Let them know about what’s going on and what projects you are working on. If there are any cool things lined up that they need to look out for, staff birthdays, etc. All with a hint of caution of course! You still want to maintain that professional relationship and so don’t jeopardise it by revealing too much.

We hope that these tips were helpful. Let us know how you get on by commenting below or getting in touch via Facebook/Twitter or add us on Pinterest!

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