Lunch! 2019 Event – Brand & Products Highlights


What’s Good Within The Food & Drink Industry?

Following on from the Top 3 Trends To Come From lunch! 2019 blog post, I thought it was time to shed a little light on our favourite brands because the world needs a little more love and how does one show love as a marketing agency? We write about it!


Protein for people on the go.

Pro 2Go aren’t just another protein bar. Protein 2Go truly believe in providing wellness and energy – backed by science – for the go-getters of this world, the ones who never sit still and live life actively. 

As sports and nutrition are becoming mainstream, Pro 2Go wants to be the brand that revolutionises the way we think of nutritional snacks. FIlling them with new flavours and textures.

Their latest development: the gooey protein bar – so yummy btw – is packed with 12g of protein and is low in sugar. Alongside this, PRO 2GO also ranges; flapjacks, rawjacks, bakes and coffee.

“PRO 2GO is designed for those who live life on the go, never say no, born ready for action. The anti-snoozers, the routine-breakers, the adventure-chasers. Packed with protein, PRO 2GO helps you stay fuelled and focussed, whatever life throws at you.“

Special shout out to Jo Dell, who blew us away with her knowledge and passion for the organisation. Marketing teams need more people like you in them!

Karma Kombucha 

The Kombucha for people with an aversion to fermented things…cough, me.

Does the thought of fermented tea make your stomach feel like a jar of pickles? Join the club. That being said,  as a proud founder of that club, I urge you to reconsider our fermented friend in the form of Karma Kombucha whose subtle notes may have just changed my mind.

On top of Karma’s ability to win over even the most reluctant palettes, it’s organisational values outshine the competition. Ready for this? Karma is…packed by disabled people, 100% organic, 100% carbon offset, unpasteurised, three times lower than sugar than most sodas, 100% locally sourced and lactose-free, gluten-free, no preservatives and no food colouring…..breathe! It literally couldn’t be any better if it tried.

Definitely Good Karma. 

The Precious Pea

The best hummus in all London Town!

No really, this hummus was so amazing that we couldn’t make this list without mentioning it and the lovely lady behind it all – Ayleen. Handmade in small batches this little town hummus is going to make it BIG in the capital. You have to try the Organic Kalamata Olive flavour! 

The Kalamata Olive flavour was even awarded Silver, by the Taste of the West Awards, in 2018. Yup, that good! All the humous is made entirely from organic products mixed with extra virgin olive oil so you know it’s good for you.

Check them out on Whole Foods, Planet Organic, Farm Drop or online.


Making Crisps interesting again…

By now, you’ve probably heard about Savoursmiths crisps. If not, let me describe them for you: 

Unusual flavours, recyclable packaging and 10% of the proceeds from selected crisps flavours go to support TUSK conservation programmes, to protect Africa’s wildlife.

Fun fact, Savoursmiths cook their potato crisps with the potato skin on to keep more nutrients. Their flavours include Desert Salt & Vinegar, Bubby & Serrano Chilli, Desert Salt, Wagyu Beef with Honey & Mustard, Somerset Cheddar & Shallot, Italian Cheese & Port and Truffle & Rosemary (my personal favourite).

Gluten-Free, no MSG, Non-GMO, natural flavouring, a firm believer in sustainable agriculture, Savoursmiths are just on their way to make themselves the go-to crisp you can get hold of. 

“The SAVOURSMITHS team are huge believers in the humble potato”.


Hands down my favourite with-tea flapjack.

From our friends up in Scotland where the mighty oat reigns, these little delights are packed with flavour and unlike many off the shelf flapjacks, don’t taste like plastic! Which gives me a nice segway into their plastic-free packaging…don’t you love a good segway. 

Not all heroes wear capes, no, indeed, some are encased in biodegradable NatureFlex film, stuffed with whole oats and generously mixed with the likes of blueberries and raspberries and often held together with honey and British butter. Did I mention these were my favourite?

Olivia at Stoates if you are reading this, I am your number one fan.

“Whatever way you take your oats – whether packed into a bar for your commute or by the bowlful brimming with berries or zinging with cinnamon – you can find it here at Stoats, the home of hearty and wholesome.”

Raw Pac

Honourable mention to the guys over at Raw Pac, the guys that offer biodegradable takeout food cartons. Cups, bowls and bento boxes to name a few. Their secret? Plant power! Even the ink is made from plant oils.

Sustainable packaging 1 – 0 Plastic landfill.

“Our plant-based disposable products are made from renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials and can biodegrade completely in under 12 weeks. We are Proud to supply competitively priced products that are kind to our environment.”

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