Why Aren’t People Liking My Facebook Business Page?

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So why aren’t people liking my facebook business page? Good question!

You have set up your business page, filled out your profile and posting regularly, but how comes it feels like an uphill climb to get likes for your page?

If you are reading this post, the aforementioned is a common problem with small businesses who use social media, so you are in good company, and not to worry it happens to the best of us.

This blog post can fall into the “good to know” section of your business knowledge and make sure to share with your business friends, so they too can be at peace with Facebook.

Facebook isn’t a fan of your small business.

No, not yours specifically, just in general, Facebook is limiting the number of posts that are shown organically in your friends/ family/likers news feeds.

Why? Well because they want you to pay for exposure – sneaky!  However, their official answer states that

“There is simply too much content for too many fans, which means competition on the news feed visibility is high”

– and we can all infer what that means to insert your bank details here, please.

Research suggests that for pages with over a million fans a mere 2% could be seeing their content.

So how do we combat this?

Well, obviously there’s Facebook “boosting” which has the potential to be a highly targeted campaign, with high engagement rates – that’s of course if it’s done correctly.

If you have a spare few, it’s a great idea to check out Social Media Examiners post: 21 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads With Ad Targeting

With an ever-growing presence of businesses on Facebook all fighting for the attention of their target audience, it is becoming a constant that boosting your posts will be the only way to make sure people are seeing your content.

However do not despair, ask yourself this…

Is Facebook really for you?

Before diving head first into super charging your campaign with dollar, it’s a great idea to assess the goals of your business and carry out a simple audit – ask yourself, do I really need my Facebook page? Is this where my target audience “hangs out”?

Or do I simply have one because my sister’s, husband’s, dogs brother said I needed one?

After working with a range of small & medium businesses across varying sectors, we take a look at their target audience.

Facebook has proven a lot less appealing than some of the more professional networks. This, however, is completely business/industry dependent.

I am not condemning the use of Facebook for your business, however, I am saying take a step back, re-evaluate your audience, and ask yourself, would your time be better spent elsewhere?

And now here’s the “good to know” part I was speaking about earlier, ears open everyone…

Let’s talk about “Likes”

The Real Impact Of  “Likes” On Your Business

So as much as getting likes and followers might be some social currency/bragging rights for your company, let’s look at the real impact on “likes” on your business.

How many pages have you liked out of impulse, and never interacted with again? Exactly!

Your social media success or failure shouldn’t be measured solely on the merit of how many likes you have.

Sure, “likes” have an impact on indicators for outsiders who may judge the popularity of your brand on how many other people have liked it.

With that being said, business is business and let’s be honest, you didn’t get into business just to have someone “like” it.

Think Bigger Business Goals

Your Facebook page should be woven into your bigger business goals, and you should make it work for you as hard as you can by utilising it to generate leads and engagement. A small following of engaged users is always going to be better than a large following of uninterested followers. So next time you worry about your competitors having more likes than you, stop and think for a second whether “likes” are what you need in order to run and succeed in your business.

If you are still fretting about your lack of fans, be sure to follow these simple rules:

I hope this helps!

P.S. Liking our Facebook page will make sure you are kept abreast of new posts and helpful tips and tricks!😉

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