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Where collections make community

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Designing an app where you can talk about, buy, sell and swap anything from the latest DC figurines to first edition Thunderbird memorabilia.

It's more than a hobby.

Often overpriced and dominated by unverified sellers, the current marketplace platforms offered no way for genuine collectors to "find their tribe". Trezured is changing the narrative, with a marketplace dedicated to building genuine connections and a safe place where people can buy, sell & swap their collectibles.

It's more than selling.

Designing a user experience that encourages multiple interactions outside of selling required us to take inspiration from the world of gamification - and we had the perfect target audience for this to appeal to.

Start a conversation, finish a collection.

The result of the project was a beautifully simple, user interface design that encouraged users to explore all facets of the system. A clean, limited color palette ensured there would be minimal clashes with UGC.

Crafted and curated.

From the wireframes, prototypes, and through to build, each stage of this process was carefully considered, crafted, and curated.