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Detailed designs deserved a detailed marketing strategy. Pop Walls launched in the UK for the first time in 2016, it was our job to bring the website in line with the high-end audience they were trying to connect with. Pop Walls underwent a website redesign, a new digital communication strategy and a colour and typography palette update. Forty8Creates integrated themselves into the Pop Walls team to deliver brand awareness and conversions via the website.

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Pop walls logo refresh
Pop Walls typography

Visual Identity

Forty8Creates updated Pop Wall’s previous brand identity assets by modernising the overall look. 

The Pop Walls logo conveys the brand’s personality: bubbly, fun and pragmatic. Forty8Creates added the peel and stick feature at the top of the logo so resonance with the nature of the product – peel and stick wall murals- was immediately established by customers.

The roundedness of both the logo and typography conveys notions of friendliness and approachability.

The chosen colour palette uses purple as the primary colour. Purple gives a modern, polished look and it’s flexibility of tone plays around the idea of luxury whilst remaining creative. After all, Pop Walls core offering is bespoke wallpapers.

The complimenting colours yellow and grey underline a sense of playfulness, creativity and joy. The use of yellow, in particular, highlights the previously mentioned sense of luxury due to the slight jewel, rich tonality of the chosen yellow, resemblant of gold. This shade of yellow was meticulously chosen for its meaning and underlying message as opposed to choosing a bright, vibrant yellow.

Website Design & Development

Design in a pop. Pop Walls is shaking up the design industry with their peel & stick, made-to-measure wall murals. Pop Walls’ fresh take on the design world required a website reflective of their unique offering. Forty8Creates redesigned the entire website focusing on the user experience and incorporating a consistent visual identity.

Firstly, Forty8Creates enrolled on the task of mapping a new user experience for the website through a series of internal workshops and discussions. This was to ensure that the increase in traffic (from marketing efforts) wasn’t put off by the first hurdle, which can decline engagement/conversion rates. Forty8Creates aimed at providing a fluid, effortless website user experience in which the user would feel comfortable and motivated to browse and convert.

Design-wise, F8C aimed at making the website look polished and effortless, resounding of a boutique/shop. In order to achieve this, Forty8Creates reduced the use of bold colours and ensured the mock-ups of the wall murals seemed appropriate and were suited to each target cohort’s taste.

Forty8Creates inserted various trust signals such as payment icons, phone numbers, basket and logins positioned where users would expect to find these traditionally, also known as “The Halo Effect”.

Key Stat:
Organic traffic increased by 413.04%

Before and After Pop Walls Mock Up


Pop Walls goals were to increase the organic reach of the website and to also start to drive traffic from social media.
Forty8Creates devised a plan to put content and user experience at the forefront of the strategy.
Over time we saw a steady increase in organic traffic and from traffic sources that were not previously driving traffic.

Key Activities for Onsite SEO 

  • Correction of image names, alt-tags and image size.
  • Revision of URLs to ensure keywords and consistency with page content were used.
  • Removal of excess code from the backend of the website.
  • Creation of additional, relevant pages such as a dedicated business page targeted at the B2B market.
  • Analysis of keywords for content. 
  • Added keywords to individual product pages.
  • User experience review.
  • Included room categories on the homepage (as research suggested these were a popular search category).
  • Revision of copywriting and CTAs on key landing pages.

“I have worked closely with Forty8Creates over two years and would highly recommend them for digital strategy, design, social media and web. Chloe provides excellent ‘no BS’ advice for online business with a strong focus on measurable data and results. Highly recommended!”

– Chris Hobbs, Founder Pop Walls

Pop Walls blog in ipad mockup with blue background

Content Strategy

To increase Pop Wall’s organic search standing and to build authority with their target audience, Forty8Creates wrote a weekly blog pertaining to interior decor. The content strategy consisted of keyword research, the development of an internal linking strategy, image creation and cross-promotion on social media channels. Additionally, Forty8Creates also mapped out an email strategy with a monthly newsletter designed and built on MailChimp.

Key Stat:
4% of overall traffic was from the blog. (Nov-Feb)

Social Media

To increase brand awareness and retarget potential customers, Forty8Creates managed the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Pop Wall’s channels. Our creative team developed mockups, videos and GIFs for the specific channels integrating our unique content with curated content as well as cross-promotion of the blog.

Paid advertisements were also implemented across Facebook and Instagram accounts to expand the brand’s reach.

Key Stat:
72.41% of overall traffic came from social in Feb 2018

Collage PR mentions Pop Walls Case Study


Forty8Creates focused on home/lifestyle and mother and baby media to target consumers that have as an interest home improvement Additionally, PopWalls PR efforts extended to the B2B market as well. It was important to Forty8Creates to focus on trade press in order to target an audience that could find benefit in stocking removable, bespoke wallpaper, for example, landlords, decorators and supply chains that sell home improvement materials.

In the left, Pop Walls media clippings that have been featured in:

  • Hampshire Business News
  • Homes and Interiors (Scotland) Magazine
  • Casual Dining Magazine
  • Pub and Bar Magazine
  • Chase Magazine
  • Daily Echo Newspaper

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